If you're considering therapy, you're probably seeking change. You may have concerns with a mood, like depression or anxiety, that has been present for years. Or perhaps more recent events, like a loss or trauma, have upset your stability. Maybe a compulsive coping pattern, like over-eating, over-spending, or reckless sexual behavior, has shown you that it's time to get help. Or you may need to make a decision, like when to change your career, or whether to end a relationship.

Painting by Lois Rhomberg

Big Mind, Big Heart: Dennis Genpo Merzel

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life: Daniel Amen

Conscious Breathing: Gay Hendricks

Depression Free, Naturally: Joan Matthews Larson

Emotional Alchemy: Tara Bennett-Goleman

Emotional Intelligence: Daniel Goleman

Full Catastrophe Living: Jon Kabat-Zinn

Getting Our Bodies Back: Christine Caldwell

Trauma and the Body: Pat Ogden and Kekuni Minton

Waking the Tiger: Peter Levine